Hello BL Lovers, 

What a Week it has been! While I did miss seeing a new Takara-Kun and Amagi-Kun adventure this week, there was so much that happened! Some characters returned home, some characters stayed behind, and some are ready to learn how to be a good rider.

So, here we go!

ONCE AGAIN – Episodes 3-4 – Viki

Jae Woo, determined to keep Ji Hoon alive, sets out to find the man who tried to kidnap him as a child and ultimately murdered the person he loved the most. However, in doing so, he does come off as strange, especially to Ji Hoon as their neighbor (and Ji Hoon’s friend) Joo Hyung Jin (Kang Woo Jung) who is very protective of Ji Hoon. 

As I mentioned in my previous post about the series, I do think it’s so well-written and wonderfully acted. It’s just a beautiful series. Though I have a feeling the ending will break my heart, I am loving the journey I have gone on since starting it. 

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 6 – iQIYI

Phayu takes Rain to a race he does not have to sneak into. Stepping into a new world, Rain is nervous but very glad he has Phayu to protect him. However, when Phayu is challenged to a race by a snot-nosed twerp named Stop (Theme Phubeth Atarunwong), Rain cannot hide his true feelings for Phayu. He’s in love. Head-over-heels in love. 

No surprise, Phayu wins the race. Rain, overjoyed, rushes to get Phayu back to his room and the two have the sweatiest NC scene I’ve seen in a BL series. Ever. This series man, it’s incredible.

THE ECLIPSE – Episode 6 – GMMTV’s Official YouTube

I am loving the way that Akk’s character is developing. He’s starting to change from a rigid prefect to someone who is starting to see the cracks in the “truths” he’s been told. So, Akk, and his friends decide to take a short vacation at Akk’s parent’s house.

Akk is surprised when Aye shows up with them.

After a night of drinking, talking, and getting to know one another, Akk and Aye take a boat out onto the water, where they continue to talk and get to know one another. Feelings are clearly taking hold, but the episode ends just before their lips are going to touch.

However, Neo’s Khanlong steals a kiss from Louis’ Thua as he “sleeps”. It is the sweetest, most innocent moment, and one of my favorite scenes I have ever seen in a BL.

VICE VERSA – Episode 11 – GMMTV’s Official YouTube

After last week’s surprise ending of Talay discovering that the real Tun has returned, meaning Puen has gone back to their universe. 

Waking up in his own body Puen’s only thought is finding Talay, but when he does, he finds his body is still inhabited by Tess. The heartbroken couple struggles to make sure they find one another again. Long story short, they do. Talay also returns to his world. 

I learned two things in this episode. One, I am floored by the emotional range that Sea Tawinan has as an actor. His tears are real and he’s one of those actors who, when he cries, you cry and two, Ohm Pawat’s Tess is a complete and total douche canoe! Seriously, he’s just a terrible human being. 

To be honest, this episode felt like a finale. Everything was wrapped up in a nice happy little package with our characters ending up together and happy. After watching the trailer for next week’s episode I’m nervous. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I do know I love this series and I cannot wait to own it on DVD. 

MAGIC OF ZERO: Zero SupporterGMMTV Official YouTube

The third episode of this GMMTV Anthology series stars company staples Earth Pirapat and Mixx Sahaphap reprising their roles as Korn and Win (respectively) from their series Cupid’s Last Wish which aired earlier this year.

The episode finds the couple moving to Bangkok from their rural farm so that Korn can expand his bakery. The couple, both tired and overworked, are starting to drift apart. They no longer understand one another. So, a higher power intervenes, and (just like in the parent series) there is a body swap. The only way for the couple to switch back is for them to truly understand the other. It’s a sweet and simple story that’s self-contained and a nice little add-on to the universe of Cupid’s Last Wish.

Earth Pirapat giving off Ryan Gossling vibes in the rain

Note: I am one of those who feel like Cupid’s Last Wish is really underrated. It’s fun and fantastical and actually really really good! As a huge fan of EarthMix I would watch this couple read the phonebook.

180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us – Episode 7 – GagaOOLala

The second to last episode and it’s the episode I have been dreading. Everything came to a head and exploded into a billion little pieces. Wang confessed to his mother that he is in love with In. Sasiwimol had a total breakdown. In, silent through most of the episode doesn’t quite seem to know which step he should take. The episode ended with a massive argument that lead to the characters taking off in their own separate directions.

Next week’s preview looks like it’s going to be heart-wrenching. Whichever way the story goes, I’m not ready for this series to end. I know I’ve said I have a lot of “one of my favorites” but this one takes the cake. Second-to-none, it’s by far my favorite series of 2022 and a top contender for my favorite overall.

It’s beautiful.