Since their debut, Snow Man has become one of the biggest groups in the world – second only to BTS. It’s just that they’re not super well known in the states…. Yet.

A short history: Formed in 2012, the group of nine, had their official debut announced on 22 January 2020. Upon it’s release, their first single, D.D. is the best-selling debut release in Asian history with more than 1.8 million physical copies sold, it is also the first male idol single in 17 years to reach the top 100 of the Oricon chart for more than 100 weeks.

And each release has only gotten bigger.

Group promo for D.D. in 2020

Their 7th single オレンジkiss sold more than 650,000 copies in the first twenty- four hours of its release, becoming the best selling single of 2022.

The group’s sophomore album Snow Labo S2, released on 21 September 2022 then sold 665,000 copies within its first 24 hours. A few hours later it was reported that their debut album Snow Mania S1 has sold over 1 million.

Snow Mania S1 Group promo

What is impressive about these numbers is that it is physical media only. Snow Man, like all groups under Johnny & Associates, has yet to release digital media outside of the videos on their official YouTube page.

Fans worldwide are sharing the excitement for the release of the album, posting images of the set and screenshots from their favorite music video included on the album’s accompanying Blu-ray (or DVD).

Cover of Version A of Snow Labo S2

665,000 physical copies in 24 hours – it is an impressive number.

In addition to celebrating the release of the album, Snow Man is also preparing for their next live tour. The first show of the Snow Labo Live Tour will take place at Osaka Castle Hall. There will be two performances that day at 1300, and another show will follow at 1730. The last show of the tour will be on 22 December at 17:30 at the Nippon Gaishi Sports Plaza, Gissi Hall.

Group promo for Snow Labo S2

More Snow Man information to come. Stay Tuned.