If it isn’t obvious from almost any of my other posts, I am 100% a fan boy of the Japanese idol group Snow Man, and as such I am eagerly awaiting their second studio album Snow Labo S2.

Today officially starts the 10-day countdown. To celebrate, please find below one of the music videos featured on the album: Brother Beat (ブラザービート).

The theme to the 2022 film Mr. Osomatsu, which stars all 9 members of the group, the song debuted at number 1 and sold 809,082 copies in its first week. While dominating physical sales, it was also at the top of the list for look-ups, radio requests, and video views for that week.

My Personal review. This song is one of their best. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and it’s one of the songs I turn to when I want to smile! Also, the music video is just really colorful and clever.

I will be celebrating snow Man for the next day days (and to be honest, for the foreseeable future).

So, stay tuned.