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Welcome to this weeks BL Review. So many emotions this week! Wow. So much one must unpack. From first-times to not saying anything when you know you’re entire family is about die in a fiery helicopter crash! This week was one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

So without further ado…

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 4 – iQiYi

Phayu makes the decision to keep Rain at arm’s length so he can focus on his school projects, and actually tap into his true potential instead of acting like an over-grown child who’s always aloof. Though he’s not pleased with the division Rain does as Phayu asks and the desired results are achieved, on both ends. So what’s Rain’s reward before being such a good and diligent student? Phayu in the flesh just in the flesh – well, and a rubber.

I LOVED this episode. The sexual tension between Phayu and Rain has been evident since the moment the characters met and MAME isn’t known for making fans wait too long for steamy scenes.

However, she’s taken a different approach with Love in the Air that sets them apart from her other series like TharnType and Don’t Say No. Not only is the sex steamy – but there’s no coercion, no one is making the decision because they feel indebted, it’s – it’s just good old-fashioned 100% consensual romance – and they make a point of making sure the audience knows they used a condom.

Though there were a few weird sound issues with this episode (super small and the first time I noticed anything in the series as a whole) Love in the Air is really really well done. 10/10 – loving it.


This series is just so cute. It’s not a fast-paced story, but it is realistic. This episode finds Takara mostly lost in his own thoughts. While he knows his feelings for Amagi are honest, and continue to grow, he’s still trying to figure everything out. He’s popular and adored by many – not just in his class, but those in the lower grades as well. It feels like he’s worried about disappointing someone. He tries to keep up the strong-man / cool bro persona, while at the same time wanting to ravage Amagi with his kisses.

Not a lot happens in this episode, but it’s still very poignant. It shows the inner dialogs of the characters and how they truly feel while also revealing they might not be as stealthy as they seem. 10/10 – I will 100% continue this series.

VICE VERSA – Episode 9: MIDNIGHT BLACK – Youtube

By this point there’s only one thing that this GMMTV series could do that would make me not rush out to buy it the moment the box set it announced. However, I’m not going to name it for fear that I may inadvertently speak it into existence. 

This week picked up while Tun and Talay were still lip-locked in that super passionate kiss that ended last week’s episode, with Mek walking in to reveal that he knew Tun had the hots for Tess (Talay’s name in this universe) from the get-go and everything he said or did was to help the two realize their feelings for one another. 

As the two continue to confess their feelings, Tun reveals that he doesn’t want to return to their true universe. He wants to remain where he is as long as possible. While initially Talay is upset, he learns the truth after talking to Pang (who knew Tun in their world). He’s alone. He has no family or loved ones to look after him back in their universe. So it makes sense why he would want to stay in Tun’s world.

The two reconcile their differences and confess that they are falling for one another. Talay also does something that makes Tun realize who he is back in their world. He’s found their connection. He knows Talay is his port-key.

This episode also features another meta-verse appearance of one of my favorite GMMTV actors, who basically plays himself, doing the job he does outside of being a globally-adored celebrity. 

I know I have a soft spot for GMMTV, but I have to be honest, the series were released after Bad Buddy were nice, but they didn’t have that “spark”. Vice Versa does. The concept is well-rounded, the execution of the story is spot-on, and it’s just really really engaging and entertaining. 10/10 – and I was serious about buying this box set the moment it’s available. 

180 DEGREES PASSES BETWEEN US – Episode 5 – GagaOOLala

What can I say about this series other than the fact that I love it? 

Stuck at home after In broke his leg in the previous episode, Wang has vowed to take care of him. He does his best, but there’s still a lot he needs to learn. Luckily for him, In is patient, kind, and more than willing to show him the ropes. 

Action-wise, not a lot happens in this episode, as for the most part, it takes place in a single room between two characters. Emotionally, however, it was a rollercoaster. Wang as essentially come out to In while In has pretty much done the same to Wang. 

We’ve gotten pieces of their backstories, powerful pieces that add new layers of depth to these already intricate individuals. The acting in this episode was superb. 

Gripping and powerful the masterful storytelling and keen eye of writer-director Punnasak Sukee have taken us not only into new territory with the characters of In and Wang, but also for the genre itself. 10/10. 


Okay, so technically this is this week “new BL” and I wasn’t going to include it because I’ve been enjoying it in quiet frustration but this week, I had to say something. First, the good: I am so glad that Phayu (Peterpan Thasapon) and Rain (Not Phouluang) finally got to get together, but it’s about to be ruined because Kim (Ohm Thitiwat) is the biggest jerk I’ve seen in any series ever, that includes Fiat in TharnType: 7 Years of Love! Seriously, the man knows his mother, his father, and his brother (Rain) is going to die (he had a premonition). So, what does he do? He wishes them off with a “Have a good flight” and goes about his day.

I really wanted to love this series as I love OhmFluke, but it’s just not my favorite. Which makes me sad. Perhaps Kim will redeem himself, somehow? Maybe? I don’t know. Perhaps things are not what they seem, but at this point, this series is currently at a 4/10 – I’m on the edge of leaving it.

Country: Thailand

Episodes: 16 (11 have aired as of today)

Aired: 4 July 2022 – 17 Oct 2022

Airs on: Mondays

Network: AIS PLAY (premium YouTube subscription)

Duration: 56 minutes

Adapted from: Original Screenplay 

Now, should this or some other BL Series that I have (or will) mention be Geo-locked there legal are ways you can watch the series. One of them is by using a VPN service. You can read about VPNs and decide which is best for you here.

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