Early on in the pandemic, I started writing stories again, something I hadn’t done since my first graphic novel was published back in 2007. One of the stories, a supernatural romance, had me doing research about how similar types of stories were told from around the globe. I wanted to set the story in a place I’ve always wanted to visit, but have yet to get the chance, Bangkok.

My research led me to a Thai series called He’s Coming To Me and an entirely new genre of entertainment… the BL (Boys Love) drama.

Released in 2019 from GMMTV this Inventive and intriguing series stars Singto Prachaya and Ohm Pawat, both of whom are MASSIVE superstars in the world of Thai entertainment.

He’s Coming To Me still featuring Ohm and Singto

The story centers around Thun (Pawat), a young boy who is able to see and talk to ghosts, and Med (Prachaya), a ghost, who, after dying under mysterious circumstances, spends the next 20 years waiting in the cemetery for his time to be reincarnated.  

Everything changes during the Ching Ming Festival when Med realizes that Thun can see him.  They spend the next few years chatting during the festival, but then, something happens and Thun vanishes.  Several years pass with Med only able to speak with other ghosts, but eventually Thun, now a university student, returns. 

After he reveals that he knows the reason Med isn’t able to be reincarnated was because he died before his time, Thun promises to help him find out the truth. After moving in together, the two young men start to find themselves falling in love despite the obvious hurdles standing in their way. 

Comedic moment when Thun did not expect to find Med in his room after a shower

The series also features Sine Inthira in a supporting role as Kwan, Thun’s mother who, as the series goes on is discovered to have been Med’s first (and only) girlfriend before he discovered he was gay. It’s also revealed that like Thun, she can see and talk to ghosts. 

Written by Title Nirattisai and directed by Aof Noppharnach there is a beautiful moment between Pawat and Inthira where Thun reveals to his mother that he likes men. The tear-filled scene is one of the most honest and well-written coming-out depictions I have ever seen on television.  While by this point I had already fallen in love with the series, this scene solidified He’s Coming To Me as one of my favorites and something I could watch over and over again (and I have). 

Coming out Scene between Thun and Kawan (automatically starts at the 8 minute mark)

The series also stars Chimon Wachirawit and Sing Harit as Prince and Golf, Thuns best friends who ultimately end up helping him discover how Med died and who was responsible. Gunsmile Chanagun, another incredibly popular actor under GMMTV plays Jeng, a ghost whom Med befriends while stuck in the cemetery. 

The handsome male idols of He’s Coming to Me. From left: Sing, Ohm, Singto, and Chimon.

Available on GMMTV’s official YouTube page you can also buy a blu-ray of the series through CD Japan. While I do support buying officially released products,  I should warn you that because the rights to likenesses were not obtained for the Japanese market (Thun has an obsession with US basketball players) the set, which retails for $102.00 does feature heavily blurred images, which is a bit irritating. But, if you can look past it, it’s a decent set to have.

This series introduced me to the wonderful world of BL so it will always have a very special place in my heart.

Now, should this or some other BL Series that I have (or will) mention be Geo-locked there are legal ways you can watch the series. One of them is by using a VPN service. You can read about VPNs and decide which is best for you here.

For visual learners, please see below.

I will be posting BL reviews, every Thursday (for finished series) and Saturday (for ongoing series) so…

Stay tuned.