I love waking up to beautiful gifts from handsome men. It validates my inner princess. For me, there is no greater gift than Music.

Today, Snow Man gave me the perfect hump-day treat with the release of their newest music video ボクとキミと (You and Me).

The song, a tender ballad, is Meguro Ren’s contribution to the group’s upcoming sophomore album Snow Labo. S2 which will release on 21 September. The video comes less than a week after the announcement that Meguro will star in a new drama series Silent with actress Kawaguchi Haruna.

Publicity still from Silent featuring Meguro and Kawaguchi

Silent follows Tsumugi Aoba (Kawaguchi) who fell in love with a boy in her high school, So Sakura (Meguro), and his voice. After discovering their shared interest of music, they fall in love. But then, without warning, Sakura ends the relationship and disappears.

Eight years later, Aoba, now working part-time at a large CD music store in Tokyo, is able to surround herself with music. One day, by happenstance, she sees Sakura, but when she approaches him, she discovers that his hearing has all but disappeared.

A screen grab of Meguro in ボクとキミと

Perhaps “Me and You” will be featured in the series like “Secret Touch” was in Kieta Hatsukoi?

At any rate, I cannot wait to see this! Silent sounds very interesting, and Meguro is a wonderful actor!

Stay tuned!