All you have to do is read one of my blog posts to understand that there have been two things that have helped me keep my sanity over the past two years: BL Dramas and anything attached to Johnny & Associates. 

Today (19 August 2022), the Viki app has given me the best of both worlds with the release of a brand new BL drama Takara-kun and Amagi-kun – which just happens to star two idols under Johnny & Associates: Arata Sato from the Jr group IMPACTors and Nao Oriyama from another Jr group Shonen Ninja. 

Takara-kun and Amagi-kun from left: Sato and Oriyama

Needless to say, I am excited. 

Adapted from the manga of the same name by Hanagenomai, Takara-kun and Amagi-kun is the story of two high school students who fall in love. 

Takara (Sato), is handsome and popular while Amagi (Oriyama) is shy and academic. Though the two are in the same class, their very different social groups may as well have them living in different universes. However, they feel an attraction toward one another that neither one of them can ignore. 

Takara in a simple act of affection towards Amagi

Deciding to act on their romantic feelings they throw caution to the wind and go out on an actual date. Amagi is instantly swept away by Takara’s mysterious and stoic personality – so, they continue to see one another… in secret. 

Anyone who’s had any kind of “Secret” relationship in high school knows that the secret part of the relationship never stays that way for long. As someone who lived this story, I am interested to see how it plays out. 

Since its release on Da Vinci Web in 2020, the manga, which released its 40th chapter this month has garnered more than 10 million views.  

Vol. 1 of the manga by Hanagenomai

Consisting of eight 30-minute episodes (uploaded 11am EST Fridays) Takara-kun and Amagi-kun premiered almost a year after My Love Mix-Up – which was the series that introduced me to Johnnys. Starring Ren Meguro from Snow Man and Shunsuke Michieda from Naniwa Danshi Sato and Oriyama have some big shoes to fill, but if the first episode is any indication of what’s to come they’re going to do just fine.  I have high hopes for this one. 

Stay tuned.