It’s official ladies and gentlemen Snow Man has joined TikTok!

The Japanese idol group known for their dance moves have already inspired a number of TikTok dance challenges and now they can take part in them themselves. See their inaugural video below and give a follow 🙂


🔔本日Snow Man TikTok公式アカウント開設!!! #スノTikTok開設#SnowMan #JUICY 🍉「JUICY」ハッシュタグチャレンジも開催中です🕺 これまでのシングル曲なども配信開始しているので、是非楽しく遊んでみてくださいね♫

♬ JUICY(サビver.) – Snow Man

Their newest single JUICY offers the perfect dance moves for users at any level.


自分がSnow Manやったらライブで失敗する自信しかない #snowman #JUICY

♬ JUICY(サビver.) – Snow Man

Watch the original dance video to JUICY below to learn the moves and post yourself 🙂