Snow Man is one of the biggest groups in the world and with their dance-inspiring beats, catchy lyrics, and distinct voices they have completely taken over my playlists.

Earlier this month, in a series of surprising and mysterious videos they announced the release of their second album Snow Labo S2

Labo, which is Japanese slang, short for Laboratory is the perfect title as the theme of the album is experimentation.

Promo shot for Labo S2

Unlike the group’s previous releases Snow Labo S2 allowed the guys to experiment with sounds and styles that interested them as individuals, not just as a group. While we’re still going to get unit-oriented tracks like the previously released Brother Beat and Secret Touch (with one brand new song Brand New Smile) – it’s going to be interesting to hear snippets of their personal tastes.

On August 17th Japanese Standard Time the group released an introductory video to the album which revealed which member is responsible for which song on the album. To be honest, for a trailer, it’s pretty freaking inventive.

The album, which will be released on 21 September 2022 will have three separate versions. Here is a breakdown to help fans decide which version of the album they would like to buy. Note: The first twelve tracks will be the same on each release.

Snow Labo S2: Version A Cover

01. Brother Beat (Unit song) – Previously Released.

02. JUICY (Miyadate Ryota) – Lead single.

03. Tic Tac Toe (Raul)

04. Toxic Girl (Abe Ryohei)

05. Midnight Trendy (Iwamoto Hikaru)

06. Secret Touch (Unit song) – Previously Released.

07. Brand New Smile (Unit song)

08. BOOM BOOM LIGHT (Mukai Koji)

09. Kitta Kitte Nai (Sakuma Daisuke)*

10. Movin’ up (Fukazawa Tatsuya) 

11. This is LOVE (Watanabe Shota)

12. With Me and You (Meguro Ren)

Contents of the first edition A – Blu-ray (also comes as DVD)

JUICY Music Video

ボクとキミと ( With Me and You) Music Video

Secret Touch Music Video

ブラザービート (Brother Beat) Music Video

JUICY multi-angle music video

Behind The Scenes

M of L ~The Animation 2~

Snow Labo S2: Version B Cover

Contents of the first edition B – CD (BONUS TRACK)

13. HYPNOSIS (Unit song)
14. Girl I Like You! (Unit song)
15. Color me live… (Unit song)

Contents of the first edition B – Blu-ray (also comes as DVD)

HYPNOSIS Music Video

ガラライキュ (Girl I Like You!) – Music Video

Color me live… Music Video

僕の彼女になってよ。(Be My Girlfriend) Lip Sync Video –  

REFRESH Dance Video

○○ゲームにリベンジ! (REVENGE of the Game)

Snow Labo S2: Regular Version

Contents of the first edition REGULAR- CD (BONUS TRACK)

13. Bonus Track (Unit song)
14. Happy Birthday (Unit song)

Which song are you most interested in hearing?

For any of my Japanese orders, I always go through CD Japan. You can find the direct link to Labo S2 here.

With nearly every single previous release of Snow Man going multi-platinum I am excited to see where Snow Labo S2 takes them.

So, stay tuned…