Welcome back to another exciting issue of Around the World with Johnny & Associates! 

This time we take you camping with Travis Japan, Werewolf hunting with Snow Man, we get physical with Johnny’s WEST, chill with Naniwa Danshi in the Hot Springs, and as a bonus, we get to sweat it out with SixTONES in the Sauna. So, sit back; it’s going to be a fun (and steamy) ride! 

5. Johnny’s WEST (한국어 자막!) “Who can Jump Higher!?”

The guys use a vaulting box to see who can jump the highest! It’s a friendly battle as they choose the Jumping Box King!

4. Naniwa Danshi (¡con subtítulos en español!) “Our TOKYO LIFE” There’s still lots to know~

The guys play a telepathy game with a tokyo theme. Even though it’s their home, there’s still a lot about the city they do not know.  

3. Travis Japan (w/English Subtitles!) “Healing 1 night 2 days drive trip” Honest talk! Genta / Shizu

As part of their trip, the guys split up to chat honestly about their debut, their career, and how to continue putting their best foot forward in 2023. 

2. Snow man (中文字幕!) “The Return of the Werewolves” Sakuma’s Miraculous Survival!

Last time I brought you Naniwa Danshi playing the werewolf game. This time it’s Snow Man’s turn! As the title suggests, Sakuma survives, but…. There’s a twist! 

1. Naniwa Danshi – (พร้อมคำบรรยายไทย!) “Winter Break Yamagata Trip” Catching up in the Hot Springs!!

The lucky Naniwa Boys honor Micchi’s dream, and on a trip to Yamagata Ginzan Onsen, catch up in a local hot spring! 

Bonus: SixTONES (w/English Subtitles!) “The 6 of us got into shape in the tent sauna nicely” ~Finale~

The finale video from a camping trip the guys took. They sit and chat about everything going on as six friends, who ultimately forget that they’re working. At one point, the camera stops due to overheating – but if I’m being honest, I might do the same thing, if I was in the sauna with them – and to be honest, you may overheat, too, watching six sweaty SixTONES in a sauna, so make sure to have a glass of water nearby. 

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