My School President fans rejoice there will be an OFFICIAL OST released through GMMTV, and (unlike previous releases) the USB files will be in the uncompressed .wav format!

  • 1 BOXSET: 17 x 23 cm – the same size as the previously released 2gether and F4: Boys over Flowers box sets
  • 1 THUMB DRIVE (.wav): in the shape of a microphone (totally cute) that includes19 tracks
  • 1 KARAOKE DVD: 17 music videos with karaoke plus a complete lyric video for ‘Hook’ Gemini’s solo song (as seen at the end credit of the My School President episodes)
  • 1 PHOTOBOOK: My School President ost. lyrics & photobook, 80 pages, Thai lyrics with English translations for all 19 songs
  • 11 POSTCARDS: 4 x 6 inch
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE PHOTOCARDS: 5.5 x 8.5 cm, PVC material with Spot UV finish, 2 photos, and 1 couple photo (random 1 of 2 designs)
  • 1 My School President 3D PUZZLE: 8.5 x 11 cm
From GMMTV official Twitter

There are two things I want to highlight about this box set. First, again, the files are being released in .wav format, which means, they will be uncompressed – so they will be CD Quality – the best possible sound. The previous boxsets 2gether, F4: Boys over Flowers boxsets, and even Boys Don’t Cry all came with .mp3 versions of the tracks – which is the lowest quality sound due to the compression of the audio to make the file. The second is that there are 19 tracks included within this special box set – which is 6 tracks over what has already been digitally released. So we’re going to get even more MSP sounds (I am very excited about this).

Pre-orders opened today (18 May) and will remain open until 18 June 2023. While you can pre-order from GMMTV Directly, I prefer to get all of my Thai products from eThaiCD as they always send quality items, and their customer service is second to none – plus with free DHL shipping, I usually get my items within 2 days of them being sent.