To preparation of the release of Belinda Carlisle’s new EP Kismet tomorrow, I am going to share my top 10 favorite tracks – in no particular order, because if there’s one artist I cannot have 1 single favorite for, it’s Belinda Carlisle.

Little Black Book
This video features compliations from old films and cartoons and was the direct inspiration for my music video for You and Me.

Summer Rain
I can remember listening to Summer Rain on repeat for many many days at a time. It’s right up there with Tiffany’s I Think. We’re Alone Now as far as favorites go.

How can you NOT love a song featuring Brian Wilson?

Lay Down Your Arms
Real was such a good (and very underrated album). It’s one of those albums I can play from start to finish without skipping a single song.

Live Your Life Be Free
Live Your Life Be Free was the first album I bought with my own money (thanks Grandma for the birthday card!). So it has a very special place in my heart.

Mad About You
Though it was technically her second single off of Belinda’s first solo album Belinda, it’s pure pop perfection.

Big Scary Animal
I remember begging my Dad to record this music video off of Mtv for me so I could watch it anytime I wanted. I love this song, so much.

Heaven is a Place on Earth
Somehwere there is a video of me singing along into this song using a plastic golfclub as a micraphone. It’s one of those songs that transensends time. Plus the video was directed by Diane Keaton.

I Get Weak
Also directed by Diane Keaton, this song was written by Diane Warren – who wote all of Kismet. It also featured an early apperance of actress Sean Young.

Leave a Light On
There’s a reason I chose this song as the very first song I recorded when I moved in Los Angles. It’s magical, and this video is so much fun.

BONUS: Get Together
This cover of the The Youngbloods’s 1967 hit was included on 2021 on a special compilation album for Album day. It’s a fabulous song.