OmiGod you guys! This is some Totally Awesome and truly radical news!

Last Night, the Lucky 7 of Naniwa Danshi announced their second album, POPMALL! While there were very few details about the album released, we do know the lead track will be called “Poppin’ Hoppin’ Lovin'” and that the previously released “Special Kiss” and “Happy Surprise” will also be included, as well as “Blue Story” the CM theme to Sea Breeze deodorant and a brand new song “Lai-La-La.”

The album will drop on 12 July, and in celebration, the group will also be embarking on their second tour as a debuted group! The tour will kick off in Osaka and run from 27 July to 29 October.

More Naniwa Danshi soon so…

Stay Tuned!