I missed the memo on this series. I had no idea what it was or that the first episode had dropped until I stumbled upon it by happenstance today, and what a happy happenstance it was! 

Produced by Acttraction Entertainment, the series airs on GMM One in Thailand and the iQiYi app in other regions, including here in the States. Saengtai (Title Tanatorn, REMEMBER ME) has a rare disorder that causes him to go deaf when it rains. The only voice he can hear (and he does so telepathically) is the voice of his Soulmate, whom he’s never met, at least only at the very end of the first episode. That voice belongs to Phat (Pee Peerawich, Y DESTINY), who coincidentally has the same disorder Saengtai does. The series also features Suar Kritsanaphong (YOU’RE MY SKY) as Saengthian, Tai’s younger (and much more hotheaded) brother. 

The series opens with a Saengtai informing the audience about who he is and his audio-sensory disorder – at least, he starts to before saying “You know what. Never mind. It’s complicated and not that important.” which had me giggling. It was a perfect move by a writer who didn’t want to confuse or bore the audience, and it was hysterical.

The ONLY part of the premiere episode that made me roll my eyes was when Saengtai was reminiscing about his parent’s divorce. He was an adult when his parents revealed they were unhappy and decided to divorce. He loses his mind, storms off, and locks himself in his room to cry. Maybe it’s because my parents (who never should have been married in the first place) divorced when I was ten, and it really didn’t bother me, but honestly, I thought he was being WAY TOO melodramatic. But, it’s a BL drama, emotions are heightened, it’s a small thing to overlook, and it doesn’t impact the character in any way.

Though I usually like to give a series a few episodes before I get invested, there’s something about this series – probably the touch of magic – that really gripped my attention. It looks like it’s going to be great. I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

More La Pluie soon so…

Stay Tuned!