South Korea is giving me life with all these BL dramas they have coming out this year (in addition to all their straight dramas). They’re really knocking it out of the park. 

Our Dating Sim is a cute little 15-minute episodic series (probably cut from a feature film) that currently airs on Viki and GagaOOLala.

In high school, Lee Wan (Lee Jong Hyuk) and Shin Ki Tae (Lee Seung Gyu) were best friends. When Lee Wan told Ki Tae that he liked him more than a friend, Ki Tae had a moment of hesitation, which Wan (mistakenly) interpreted as disgust.

Running away from his best friend, the two didn’t meet again until seven years later when Wan found himself at a company Ki Tae was employed. Once reconnected, Ki Tae reveals his true intentions toward Wan are romantic, and the two begin dating. 

So what makes this office romance worth watching? First of all, the chemistry between the leads is hotter than fire, and while both guys are incredible actors, there is something truly remarkable about Lee Seung Gyu. It’s the little things, like a body twitch or a quiver in his voice, that really connect you with his portrayal of Shin Ki Tae. 

Also, it’s incredibly short, so at worst, you spend 2 and a half hours watching a cute office drama. But it’s worth it. 

10/10 would recomend for sure. 

More BL reviews soon, so…

Stay Tuned!