GMMTV is bringing the supernatural and Sci-Fi series this year. U.M.G. (Unidentified Mysterious Girlfriend). 

When he was a child Mew (Nanon Korapat, Bad BuddyThe Gifted) was in the forest with his best friend, and first love, Erng (Milk Pansa, F4 Thailand: Boys Over FlowersBad Buddy), was abducted. Though he tried, he wasn’t able to move on. Ever. 

Ten years later, just as he was starting to open his heart to the beautiful Fahsai (Namtan Tipnaree, My Dear Donovan, Vice Versa), Eng returns. However, there is something strange about her… something otherworldly.

Strange to be sure, it is incredibly enjoyable, which is in no small part thanks to an incredible cast that includes Sing Harit, Drake Sattabut and Beau Thanakorn. 

To be honest, at this point, I’d watch Nanon read the phonebook if GMMTV put it up, I’m that much of a fanboy. He’s incredibly versatile and one of the best actors signed under the company. He’s also got an incredible voice, so it makes sense that his newest single Unidentified Wonder, is the theme of the series. 

More U.M.G soon so…

Stay Tuned!