Wrapping SixTONES week, I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion statements from the guys throughout their music videos and performances. Some of them are so truly outrageous they would make even Jem and the Holograms jealous!

Strawberry Breakfast

What’s that old saying, “Get you a man who can do both?” Well, to start this trend, I’m going to show off the guys dressed to the nines in tailored suits. They will get more undressed from here. 


A glittering stage look, rock-n-roll streetwear. These guys can go from the runway to the recording studio and look just as good in either location. 

Special Order

One thing I’ve learned about the guys under Johnny & Associates is that they pull out all the stops when it comes to stage fashion.

Party People

The calm and casual beachwear is part of what makes this video a perfect summer anthem. 


This was giving me the 1920s glitz of the musical “Chicago” mixed with the glitz and glamor of a Lady Gaga music video. 


The groups newest video is their sexiest yet. Jesse screaming SAWAGE!!! (which translates to Make Some Noise) and basically growling the word “Shout” is nothing short of swoon worthy. It’s just a super hot video.

Bonus: Ram-Pam-Pam (Roughxxxxxx version)

Included as a special feature to the Track One blu-ray release the live-performance video opens up their shirts and pulls down their pants with incredibly sensual dance moves. Because it’s a special feature on the disc, there are no official video releases to stream legally, so I will not post them. Trust me, this performance alone is worth the purchase price of the concert.

More SixTONES soon so…

Stay Tuned!