Posting my top 5 SixTones videos yesterday, I re-watched their episodes of the documentary series Ride On Time, and they are such a seriously talented group. They always have been. So, I wanted to share some of their Jr. Era performances and music videos that exemplify just how genuinely gifted this group is. 


A song I learned about thanks to “Ride On Time” – it’s incredibly fun. This particular performance was shot at the Solo live “Johnny’s Junior Matsuri 2018” held in Yokohama Arena on the 26th of March 2018.


Hot guys, sexy moves and a cage – what’s not to love?

YouTube FanFest Music Japan 2018

The groups full performance inclusion “Amazing!!!!!!“, “Japonica Style” and more.


The Guys performed a version of this during their junior era that involved opens shirts and dark red boxers. It’s included on the Track ONE Blu-ray release if you’re interested.

“Shōnentachi: The Film” Release Commemoration

When it comes to Johnny’s “Shōnentachi” (eng: “The Boys”) was a major annual stage production. When the film was released in 2019, it starred SixTONES, Snow Man, and several members of other groups, including Naniwa Danshi and Travis Japan. It’s sort of a “West Side Story” meets CW teen-drama version of “Prison Break.” There are several “one take” style performances that again show just how talented not only SixTONES are – but all the groups signed under Johnny & Associates.

Behind the Scenes of Myojo’s Photoshoot in Okinawa!

As a bonus I wanted to include this. Yes, I know, this is NOT a music video – but six shirtless sexy SixTONES at the sea shore – why not share?

More SixTONES soon so…

Stay Tuned!