With their third album set to drop next month, Snow Man has released the music video for the lead single AIKOTOBA (meaning “greeting,” “slogan, or “love language”), and it’s a mid-tempo, innocently sweet anthem of love.

i DO ME will be available for purchase on 17 May (which is also group leader Iwamoto Hikaru’s birthday) and will come in three different formats.

The tracklist for all versions will include the following songs: 

あいことば (AIKOTOBA)
Ready Go Round
Super Deeper
タペストリー (Tapestry)
オレンジkiss (Orange kiss)
クラクラ (Giddy)
8⽉の⻘ (August Blue)
僕という名のドラマ (The Drama Called Me)

Limited Edition A includes the bonus track:

Cry out

The CD only release will also include Three unit songs.

You can pre-order the album through CD JAPAN.

More Snow Man soon so…

Stay Tuned!