SixTONES is one of the most incredibly popular groups under Johnny & Associates and in all of Japan. 

And now the world is starting to take notice. 

So, here are five of their best music videos – not ranked in any particular order.

5. Good Luck!
There is just something incredibly fun about this song. It’s so bright and peppy, and the color scheme of the music video is gorgeous. I am so excited to hear this remix on the ABARERO single.

Even before their debut, SixTONES were wowing the crowds and getting incredible numbers on the Johnnys’ Jr. official YouTube. As of today (11 the video has amassed more than 35 Million views, and when you watch the guys, it’s not hard to see why—their moves, their style, their undeniable sex appeal – they’re the entire package (and what pretty packages they are).

This Summer-hot anthem is the perfect way to ring in the spring. As the days get warmer, the clothes get cooler, and who wouldn’t want to spend time on a beach with these guys? Especially when they dance like tha!?!

This is one of my all-time favorite SixTONES songs, and the video is so fun and funny. A good sense of humor and the ability to make fun of oneself are desirable traits in a man.

Welcome to a brand new era for SixTONES. Hot off the heels of their third album, they’re older, wiser, and (as impossible as it sounds) sexier. This song is incredible.

If you haven’t, you can order your copy of ABARERO here.

More SixTONES soon so….

Stay Tuned!