Office Romances are nothing new in the world of BL drama. Japanese series like Cherry Magic: 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard and Old Fashioned Cupcake almost immediately jump to mind. Though, they are a relatively new feature in Thailand, which has (until recently) focused mainly on college dramas centered around the Faculty of Engineering. But, when you’re stepping into Arcitype, which already has several iconic stories, you better bring something new to the table.  

Book as Cher is all smiles

A Boss and a Babe, the new rom-com from GMMTV, is set in the fast-paced gaming world. Cher (Book Kasidet), who also goes by the nick-name Laem and his real name Saran, develops romantic feelings for his boss Gun (Foce Jiratchapong) – which sounds suspiciously like the 2022 Japanese series Sempai, This Can’t Be Love.

Last Year’s Enchanté, which introduced the GMMTV ship of ForceBook, debuted after the company’s mega-hit Bad Budd The Series and, as such, got lost in the shuffle of fans trying to find the next big thing. It wasn’t a bad show. It just wasn’t lightning in a bottle like Bad Buddy was. 

Now, A Boss and a Babe are coming hot off the heels of My School President, which was every bit as popular, if not more so, than Bad Buddy. It’s even premiering at the same time as Enchanté, so needless to say, fans are hesitant – again, not because it’s a bad series, but when you’re coming up behind a phenomenon, you better be something exceptional, or you’re going to fade into obscurity faster than Lindsay Pagano.  

Which is not something I want for ForceBook. I love these actors. Book is adorably sweet, and Force is, to be honest, sex on legs. 

Force as Fun is Sex incarnate

While the pilot for A Boss and a Babe didn’t necessarily have that instant spark of Love like My School President, I enjoyed it a lot. Plus, this series has something Enchanté did not, Mike Chinnarat. The GMMTV funny man who’s appeared in mega hits like 2gether and Theory of Love plays Cher’s older brother Jack – and he’s a vision in leather.

Other shining points of the series include Fluke Pusit (Fresh off the success of The Warp Effect) and Drake Sattabut, who has been a part of almost every one of GMMTV’s monster hits. 

Was it enjoyable? Yes. Was it spectacular? No. Is it with another watch? Yes. 

So, that being said, more A Boss and a Babe soon, so… 

Stay Tuned!