Since their debut in 2020, SixTONES have broken record after record, proving that they’re anything but your typical sugar-coated cookie-cutter boy band. With the release of their ninth single, “ABARERO,” the group is taking on a step to the wild side and going animalistic as they unleash the full power of their musicality. 

Dripping with a type of sexuality only SixTONES can deliver, unleash might be too weak of a word. These guys are ready to rampage, and they have zero interest in taking prisoners – regardless of how badly you want them to fifty shades you into submission. 

Welcome to their party, it’s about to get supersonic!

A tapestry of sound, “ABARERO” weaves together pop-rock and dance tones with elements of hip-hop and rap in a truly outrageous state-of-the-art symphonic experience that perfectly showcases the passion of these six incredibly talented young men. 

They were born for this.

Not tied into any commercial, film, or television drama, the full focus of “ABARERO” will be centered on it as a stand-alone piece of music. A rarity for the group. 

Dropping on 12 April 2023, “ABARERO” will be released in three different formats – each with its own exclusive content. 

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition A – CD
02. Hello
03. Good Luck! -Sunrise Soul Remix-

Limited Edition A – DVD
ABARERO -Making Of do CLipe-
ABARERO -Clip Musical Solo-

Limited Edition B

Limited Edition B – CD
02. 彗星の空
03. Futari -Sunset Chill Remix-

Limited Edition B – DVD
Documentário do making of de 声 (Voice)

Limited Edition C

Limited Edition Version C – CD only
03. Drive
04. Hito Hito Hito from PLAYLIST -SixTONES Apresentação Limitada no YouTube- Day.6
05. Chillin’ with you from PLAYLIST -SixTONES Apresentação Limitada no YouTube- Day.7
06. ABARERO (Instrumental)