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Welcome to another edition of Around the World with Johnny & Associates! From the magic behind the scenes of making a music video to the hysterical laughter (and screams of terror) of a challenge video, one thing is for sure, life is never dull for a Johnny & Associates idol! 

So please, sit back and enjoy!

5. King & Prince (พร้อมคำบรรยายภาษาไทย) 「Namae Oshiete」Music Video Making Digest

This recently submitted Thai subtitles for the behind-the-scenes video for the sensual King & Prince song “Namae Oshiete” is a must-see! Produced by the legendary Babyface, the song was recorded in Los Angeles. 

4. Johnny’s WEST (한국어 자막) [나카마준타 생일 전날 긴급기획] 츳코미 빙고를 해보니… 대폭소기획이!

Now with Korean subtitles, this highly explosive game of Tsukkomi BINGO to celebrate Junta Nakama’s birthday is hysterical! 

3.SixTONES (w/English Subtitles!) Strawberry Breakfast & Lifetime Music Video Making 

Strawberry Breakfast was the video that introduced me to SixTONES, and as a fan of documentaries, these English subtitles were a win/win for me!

2. Travis Japan (w/English Subtitles!) Talking about our honest feelings! Group1: Machu・Chaka・Noel

While glamping (camping with flair), Chaka, Machu, and Noel chat openly about their feelings while drinking bittersweet tea. The idea behind the video was to further strengthen their bond as a group. I love these intimate videos, they give a glimpse into the personalities of the guys.

1. Naniwa Danshi (¡con subtítulos en español!) [Viaje de Invierno a Yamagata] ¡Cacería de hombres lobo!

In a recent video, the lucky Naniwa Boys visit Yamagata Prefecture’s Ginzan Onsen (a personal dream for Micchi) and play a spirited game of Werewolf Tag. Who are the villagers, and who are the big bad wolves? You’ll have to watch and see, now with Spanish subtitles! 

Thank you for taking this trip with me around the world with Johnny & Associates! For even more Johnny’s, check out TokyoHive for newly subbed videos from Johnny’s Jr groups!

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