What a rollercoaster! The episode literally starts with a truth bomb that blows up everything you thought you knew about the characters and the world they are living in.

The man Alex has thought was his father his entire life isn’t, and his biological father (his teacher) is the one who gave him the Polaroid camera that started this whole mess.

Mollie and Nim have reconciled, and so have Army and Joe, but Alex and Jean are still broken, and it looks like they will stay that way. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about Alex. He’s incredibly selfish, and while I get him wanting to go back to his own timeline, he doesn’t seem to care about how much he hurt his friends beyond what helping them would get him.

I am glad everyone else is getting their happy endings, but I don’t care if Alex receives his.

We’ll see how next week (the finale) goes. This is still an incredible series, so I hope he’ll actually atone for his sins and redeem himself, not just because it will benefit him.

More The Warp Effect – at least once more time so…

Stay Tuned!