What a strange and beautiful series The End of the World with You is turning out to be.

This weeks episode dove deeper into Masumi’s past when it revealed the fractured relationship with the woman who gave birth to him. To say this woman is a terrible human being would be an understatement. She was vile to him as a child, then, now that the world is ending, reaches out of him to help her because she’s probably going to die before the world ends anyway.

Masumi, being the loving and kindhearted-to-a-fault man that he is, was willing to leave Ritsu and Yuma to rush to her side. While Yuma understands, and even tells him that he should rush to his mother, he doesn’t know the truth like Ritsu does and the quick thinker that he is, Ritsu tells Masumi if abandons their quest to return Yuma to his family, he’ll do the same, effectively leaving the teenager alone to fend for himself. Knowing Yuma wouldn’t make it on his own, Masumi stays the course with his new makeshift family, leaving that hideous excuse for a woman to fend her herself.

However, Masumi is conflicted. Blaming himself for being a bad son, he’s raking himself through the coals for leaving her. In a moment of absolutely sincerity Ritsu confesses to him that, it’s not Masumi’s fault. He didn’t choose to abandon his mother. He chose to help Yuma, because Ritsu didn’t give him a choice. So, no one can blame him for not going to her, because it’s Ritsu’s fault. It was a beautiful moment.

There’s also something strange about Yuma – almost like he’s got some sort of superpower. First, he didn’t die when he took Ritsu’s euthanasia pill, then he wanted it to stop raining, and a literal downpour dissipated into clear sunny skies.

The End of the World with You can be streamed on Viki and GagaOOLala.

More on this incredible series soon so…

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