My Beautiful Man is such an excellent piece of television. These two guys are so beautifully broken; it’s just incredible and so well-written – it’s absolutely wonderful.

While Hira is trying to find a part-time job, his friends are trying to convince him to participate in a photo contest. At the same time, Kiyoi is desperately trying to make sure Hira knows just how important he is to him. Even though they both know – they’re both one another’s worlds.

Kiyoi tries to cook for Hira, a simple pork boiled in sake recipe. The results are both disastrous and hysterical. Even though it’s terrible, Hira eats it, because he loves Kiyoi that much. Kiyoi of course tries to stop him from eating what is probably the WORST FOOD either one of them has ever tasted. To save his man, he drinks the sake and gets drunk. It’s hysterical.

Where many sequel series or special episodes have fallen short, this one is absolutely wonderful. I am so impressed with it. My only gripe is that it’s only four epodes. Still, seeing it makes me very excited for the film.