My Beautiful Man was an excellent study of how love blossoms between two incredibly damaged people. It was the perfect package. So, naturally, when season two was announced, I was nervous. Why try and fix something that is so perfectly broken?

After watching the first episode of season 2, I’m glad they did. 

Hira Kazunari (Hagiwara Riku) and Kiyoi Sou (Yagi Yusei) are still damaged but trying to navigate their new relationship after moving in together. Unlike season one, Kiyoi’s strong love for Hira is front and center, he even gets jealous when some random girl flirts with him, and he’s just as worried about losing Hira as Hira is about losing him. He also gets upset when his colleagues (who don’t know they’re dating) start making fun of Hira. 

Hira Kazunari (Hagiwara Riku) and Kiyoi Sou (Yagi Yusei)

It was a beautiful first episode. I am excited to see where it goes. 

More My Beautiful Man 2 soon so…

Stay Tuned!