This series just keeps getting better.

Tonights episode took the guys to the beach with the idea of relaxation while Tinn and Thiew come along in the hopes of a romantic trip, but, things don’t exactly go as planned. Instead of fun, Chinzilla is sent through hell camp courtesy of the group’s previous to club leader for Hot Wave. But while it’s not exactly the trip everyone hopped for, romance is in full bloom. Tinn and Gun (finally) refer to one another as each other’s boyfriend while Sound and Win finally decide to take a step toward a relationship. It’s an episode filled with giggles and squee-worthy moments. Seriously, this series is just so fantastic and the music! The music of this series is damn good! This episode has released two music videos:

Hook, Gemini’s single

and No One Else Like Me – Satang’s contribution to the soundtrack.

My hope is that he soundtrack gets a CD soundtrack.

More My School President so…

Stay Tuned!