Sensual, seductive and sonically sexy “Fantasia” by JPOP idol group KAT-TUN is now on YouTube and it is a BOP!

Aggressively elegant this mid-tempo track is the lead from the group’s 11th original studio album, which is also called Fantasia.

Released on 15 February, it will come in three different versions.

[Limited Edition 1] includes 2 bonus tracks and a music video + making of the lead song “Fantasia”, which is also the album title.

[Limited Edition 2] includes 1 bonus track. “Love Lots Together” Music Video + Making, and “Zero to Ichi e”.

[Regular Edition] includes 3 member solo songs and 1 bonus track for a total of 15 songs.

Looks like I have found another Johnny & Associates group to follow, so… more KAT-TUN soon!

Stay Tuned!