Last Week I wasn’t in the best of moods when I sat down to watch the premiere episode of Cutie Pie 2 You and emotions have a lot to do with how you take something in. Today, I was in a much better mood when I sat down to watch episode 2 and wow, what a difference!

This episode found Kuea getting an officer to sign to with a major company and that will bring Kirin into the world of KPOP! It’s a huge opportunity, but with his wedding to Lian quickly approaching, Kuea has a lot of soul searching to do. Luckily Diao is right there to lend a listening ear and a helping hand. But ultimately, it’s Kuea who has to be the one to make the decision. Rather than keep the situation from Lian, he does tell him that he wants to try. He wants to be Kirin. Now, I am unsure how the KPOP world would react, but I am sure fans would ract to Kirin’s handsome husband, the way we all react to ZeeNu in real life.

One thing I am excited about is to see where Yi and Diao go and how this series will tie-in to their spinoff Naughty Babe – or if it even will. I am glad to be back on the Cutie Pie train!

More soon so…

Stay Tuned!