If I’m being honest, Never Let Me Go was not a series I was super excited about after watching episode one. Pond Phuwin’s previous series Fish Upon the Sky had me from the get-go, but Never Let Me Go was different. However, as the weeks have gone on, this series just keeps getting better, and Episode 5 was a rollercoaster!

Waking up in the hospital after the events of the fight in episode 4, it’s revealed that Nuengdiao is allergic to alcohol. Palm’s dad is furious at Palm for letting the eighteen-year-old drink, and when he tries to defend himself, he’s met with a slap. 

Quick note: Here’s why this is annoying. 1.) How in the hell is Palm supposed to know Nuengdiao is allergic to alcohol. 2.) Being eighteen and getting drunk, though he knows he’s allergic to alcohol, is 100% the fault of Nuengdiao. Not Palm.

Ben. While I LOVE Chimon as an actor, Mr. School President is a total creep! Luckily, Palm was there to pick up the pieces of Nuengdiao’s broken heart, and the two shared a beautiful rooftop kiss. 

This is where the episode took a turn I was totally unprepared for! Gunmen showed up, shooting Nuengdiao’s mom and Palm’s dad – forcing the two to flee. 

I am so glad I stuck with this series. It’s been a slow burn, but now it’s white-hot. I cannot wait to see where it goes! 

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