This series has been one nostalgic rollercoaster of emotions since episode one – and this was no different. I thought this was the finale. It is not. There are still two episodes left.

Golf and Gun: After last week’s episode, I am not sure exactly how I feel about Golf. He’s pretty much acted like Gun was the least important person in the world to him. I get it, he’s got a job, he’s busy, and that’s super important, but come on man, you’ve got this bright and beautiful boyfriend waiting for you at him. Treat him like he at least like he exists.

Even still, their breakup scene was hard to watch. First was such a great villain in TharnType: 7 Years of Love and he’s moved into the romantic hero role with such ease. He’s an absolute joy to watch on screen and because of this, I really am mad at Golf for making Gun cry!

Champ: He’s a workaholic. I get it, and he’s lost his most important person, so he’s shut everyone else out. It embarrasses me to admit, but I relate to this more than I should.

Nan and Chompu: I really like how Nan’s dad told her that he knows she is the reason he’s become a better person.

Name and Em: The song they played for Name’s mom’s birthday had me in tears. I have loved how much these characters have grown. Name was treated with nothing but respect and kindness. It was a beautiful thing watching them.

I am really glad this is not the finale. Way too many loose ends to tie up. Also, I need to get better about paying attention to how many episodes a series has.

More next week so..

Stay Tuned!