This episode focused on the backstory of Dew (Fluke Natouch) and his friendship with Mum’s (Ohm Thitiwat) sister Mint (Amy Thasorn). Mint has had a crush on Dew since college, but Dew has only ever seen her as a friend. However, this still angers Aun (Kenji Wasin) who is in love with Mint. Aun seems like loose cannon waiting to go off. The obvious choice for Dew’s murderer, so I don’t think it’s him.

Aun (Kenji Wasin) and Dew (Fluke Natouch): Best Brofriends

It was the most fast-paced episode, but it was good. I really enjoy seeing Fluke in a different kind of role – even though he’s knock, knock, knocking on Death’s door (again) at least he’s not crying through 90% of the episodes. He seems tougher. I like it. He’s such a wonderful actor and Potae is really just killing it with his smile. You know it’s a good drama when the side couple is just as beloved as the main.

Wee and Games: Dreamiest side couple ever!

More 609 Bedtime Story soon so…

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