Alright BL Lovers, real talk. South Korea is KILLING IT with these short-form dramas. They’re fresh, they’re fun, and (like all South Korean series I’ve seen) they’re incredibly well produced.

Oh! My Assistant is no exception.

Adult webtoon artist Seon Ho (Song Seung Hyun)has a problem – he can’t get it up. For the past two years his “junior” has refused to rise for any occasion. That is until he Seon Ho meets Mu Yeong (Ko Chan Bin) whom he hires as his new assistant. Now, every time Mu is around little Seon refuses to sleep. But what Seon doesn’t know is that Mu isn’t just any assistant, he’s also his biggest fan.

Simple and silly, it’s the perfect series to watch when you just want to relax and giggle. It’s also takes a step further in terms of sexuality then some of the other series I’ve seen out of South Korea.

Oh! My Assistant can currently streamed on Viki with two episodes (about 15 minutes in length) being uploaded every week.

More series soon so…

Stay Tuned!