I have been waiting for this GMMTV sex comedy since I saw the trailer for it last year. The Warp Effect stars New Thitipoom as Alex, a seventeen-year-old who promised his mother he wouldn’t have sex until the right time. After his mother passes away, he’s kept his promise, mostly because anytime he’s started – something terrible always happens. ALWAYS

However, at the party of his friend Jedi (Mark Pakin) he meets up with his friend Jane (Fah Yongwaree) and it finally seems that he though he’ll lose his virginity to her. Rushing to his friend Sew-Ew (Sing Harit) for a condom, Ew promises to only give it to him if he drinks an entire bucket of alcohol. Which he does.  

Then, the spins into chaos.

While Alex stumbles back to Jane, he halls into trouble when he sees Army (Fluke Pusit) kissing another man. Army is dating Kat (Gigie Chanunphat), the girl of Alex’s dreams.

Alex wakes up as twenty-seven: a gynecologist and sex expert, in the middle of a pelvic exam with no memory of what happened.

Now, he must solve the mystery of that night and all the mess that followed using a polaroid of that night. Will he be able to return to the past?

This series is hysterical, with a killer soundtrack, most of which is (surprisingly) in English – including the theme song “Sweet but Naughty” sung by the irresistible Fluke Gawin.

The Warp Effect will deal with sex on many different levels. There are Male/Male, Male/Female, and Female/Female relationships as well as a variety of kinks. It’s going to be good. So good.

More on The Warp Effect soon so…

Stay Tuned.