Last week left us with Team sinking to the bottom of the pool after a leg cramp left him unable to use any other part of his body to stay afloat. Luckily, Win was passing by and leapt in to save him like the king that he is and pulls him out just in time. After things calmed down, Team confesses that, even though he knew what to do and how to save himself, the panic of the moment swallowed all of his training, leaving only fear. Win, understandable freaks the F out and scolds Team. Then, Win takes him home. To his house. Not the dorm, but his actual house.

The next morning, Wiew (Santa) barges in and leaps into the bed after learning his favorite brother has returned. He gets the shock of his life when he sees the person cuddling Win under the covers is a boy. But he also immediately bonds with Team over their love of anime/manga.

The next day, at practice, Win has flashbacks to the accident. He confesses to Dean that he doesn’t want to fear losing something – especially not someone as important as Team. Dean tries to get him to see reason and to not run away, but Win is hard-headed and instead leaves.

Prince and Bee have an absolutely adorable interaction and Wan and Tul are growing closer in real life, though Wan doesn’t know that Tul is actually T-Rex, which I can already foresee causing problems. However, I am really liking Yacht in this role. I still don’t know why they changed his character’s name, but I like it. They’re adorable.

We also discovered that the boy Team was with did in fact drown, but it wasn’t his brother. It’s a boy named Ton. They’re really giving us super disjointed pieces of this part of the story at a time.

Dean and Parm are officially a couple, at least in Dean’s mind. Next week is the open house episode where they finally reveal their relationship to their friends.

Even though I know how this story ends, I am really liking how the writers and director have expanded this world. It really is an absolutely wonderful series.

More Between Us soon so…

Stay Tuned!