There is something incredibly charming about this series. From the sugar-sweet smiles of the series leads to the smile-inducing songs, it’s pure fun and family-friendly fluff.

This episode, told most from Tinn’s perspective reveals that the newly elected school president, only ran because he wanted to save help fun, whom he’s had a crush on for the past two years.

He thinks he’s got in the bag after becoming the school president, but his mother, the school’s principle, has it out of the music club, and always seems to be one step a head of Tinn when it comes to the club. This includes sending a group of students to confiscate their musical instruments just as Tinn is planing on confessing his feelings for Gun.

So, it’s back to square one.

With the help of his best friend, Thiu (Mark Pakin), Tinn, instead of just telling Gun the truth, embarks on the most elaborate and convoluted plot of protection – including creating Lion, a sort of guardian angel who is always leading the club to new instruments.

Gun and the rest of the music club, as cute as they are are slightly clueless and for a time just kind of roll with it, accepting whatever excuse Tinn and Thiu give to them as to why they always seem to be around. Still, even at Thiu’s urging, Tinn can never quite bring himself to tell Gun the truth – even after he steps on stage and helps him sing when Gun’s voice (after four hours of performance) starts to give out.

Norawit Titicharoenrak (aka Gemini) who plays Tinn has an almost angelic voice. Sweet and smooth with just a hint of seduction you can see the moment Gun, played by Nattawat Jirochtikul (aka Fourth) falls in love with him.

My School President – like all GMMTV Series can be viewed their official Youtube. Seriously, it really is worth the watch.