This episode takes place between episodes 5 and 6 of Until We Meet Again and the events of this series are running almost congruently with the original. 

Team and Win are working up a slow burn for their relationship story. Even though the couple has already had sex (multiple times) and is committed to just being with one another Team isn’t ready for them to be a couple yet. There are things he’s trying to work through, and Win is willing to not only stand beside him but help him. However, it’s clear the two are already head-over-heels and it’s not just because I know where their story is headed. It’s a wonderful story. 

After a fight with their father, Wan takes a trip to visit Win at the university. He runs into Tul, and while Tul realizes (almost immediately) who he is, Wan is unaware that Tul is T-Rex, his gaming buddy. Note: Win, Wan, and Wiew’s father is an asshat. He’s not as bad as Korn’s from the original series, but I won’t cry if he gets hit by a bus – at least not at this point in the series. 

Manow’s relationship with Puek has been discovered by Pharm and Team and the two boys will not let her hear the end of it. The chemistry of this trio is second to none, and like with the original series, makes Between Us an absolute pleasure to watch. I would watch a mini-series about them, just being besties enjoying time together while their husbands are off doing husbandy stuff. They’re just the best. 

Bee and Prince’s relationship is moving right along on a very sweet and organic type of path. I am still not 100% on board with needing new side characters, but I am enjoying them. They’re very sweet. 

Team has a conversation with his mother and she comments on how when he comes home he needs to visit his brother, and that he misses him. Ending the call, Team looks at a childhood photo of the two and wonders out loud if his brother is still angry with him. So, maybe he is still alive?

The episode ends with Team getting a cramp in the pool and sinking to the bottom until to swim himself out. 

More Between Us next week so…

Stay Tuned!