This week I am celebrating the genius of Thai author JittiRain! She’s the mastermind creator behind some of my favorite series and today I am going to share some of my thoughts my favorite of the series based on her work: Vice Versa!

A supernatural romantic comedy where colour was a character, it was right up my Rainbow Brite ally. It was also the first Multiverse series from the network and it had some pretty scream-worthy moments. Jitaraphol Potiwihok (Jimmy) and Tawinan Anukoolprasert (Sea) are my favorite ship of the season. The two star as Puen and Talay, two men who find themselves transported to another universe after a near-death experience on their own. It’s an incredible series and worth the watch. These are a few of my favorite moments. 

5. Tay Tawan Cameo 

Tawan Vihokratana (Tay) has one of the biggest and brightest smiles of any person I’ve ever seen. He’s so full of light and energy that anytime he pops up on my screen I can’t help but smile. So when he showed up as delivery-boy-turned-actor Tong Tawhan I almost jumped off of my sofa. 

4.) Phuwadol

Lalana Kongtoranin (Nickname: Jeab) was cast as the first FTM character in GMMTV history and the character wasn’t played for laughs. Phuwadol was an integral part of the story and Kongtoranin did a phenomenal job.

3.) Mix Sahaphap playing himself.

In another surprise cameo, Sahaphap Wongratch (Mix) played a veterinarian named Dr. Mix. Having graduated from Veterinary school, Mix is a real-life vet. It brought the BL world into the real world and was an absolute treat to see. 

2.) MilkLove’s characters

From what I have seen these two actresses are GMMTV’s First official GL couple. Starring as Ink and Pa in last year’s Bad Buddy Series Pansa Vosbein (nicknamed Milk) and Pattranite Limpatiyakorn (nicknamed Loved) has won the hearts of BL fans around the world. Som (Vosbein) was originally matched to be Tun’s portkey back to their universe while Prae (Limpatiyakorn) was meant to be Talay’s. Instead, the two women were actually each other. 

1.) The legalization of Same-Sex Marriage. 

I loved that ForceBook cameo’d as their Enchanté characters Akk and Theo, who were recently married in the series’ “other” universe. There is also an after-episode Anywhere With You segment sponsored by Lays Potato Chips where Puen proposed to Talay to cheers and applause from onlookers. GMMTV Has been very vocal about the need for equality in almost all of their series, so it wasn’t a surprise that the first thing Talay learns after hopping into Tess’ body is that Same-Sex marriage is legal.

Bonus Moment.

This is completely gratuitous.

More GMMTV, for JimmySea and more celebration of JittiRain soon so…

Stay Tuned!