When it comes to the sweet and sugary BL drama GMMTV is king. The company has produced some of the biggest series in the genre and stepping out of 2020 with yet another hit: My School President.

Nattawat Jirochtikul (Fourth) stars as Gun, the handsome and headstrong leader of his high school music club. Norawit Thiticharoenrak (Gemini) is Tinn, the newly elected school president as well as son of the principal Photjanee (Sarocha Watittapan, nicknamed Tao).

Fourth and Gemini

It is Photjanee’s mission to disband any club who doesn’t bring honor to the school, and the first on her chopping block is the music club. Enlisting her son to help, she doesn’t know that Tinn has a major crush on Gun. To be honest, no one does, including Gun. Tinn goes out of his way to make Gun think he despises him, but behind the scenes, he goes out of his way to help Gun and the music club.

Seriously reminiscent of 2gether (another MAJOR hit for the network) the music in this series is incredibly catchy and Jirochtikul has a great voice.

My School President can be viewed on the official GMMTV YouTube page.

More GMMTV and My School President soon, so….

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