Yesterday I kicked off the month of December with a Retro BL Review of one of my favorite series 2gether and I wanted to continue celebrating that amazing series (and its writer) with my top 5 songs from the series. 

5.) Still 2gether – Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin

GMMTV has a habit of promoting the multi-talented artist and Bright and Win are two of their most spectacular. 

4.) Together – Bright Vachirawit

As one of the themes to the series, how could this song not be in my top 5?

3.) Khon No (This person) – Scrubb

Knowing the author was inspired by this group made me want to go out and listen to them. I totally became a fan because of JittiRain 🙂

2.) 10 Years Later – Win Metawin

I love this song and Win is such a big bright ball of energy and so adorable in this video.

1.) Stuck With You (Theme) – Max Jenmana

This song is one of my most favorite BL Theme songs. It’s such a fun and catchy song, and honestly one of the major reasons why I first started watching the series. From the moment I heard it it’s been stuck in my head and it’s been living there rent free ever since.

More 2gether, more BL, and for sure more music soon so…

Stay Tuned!