Music is very important to me. I will literally go through withdrawals if I go too long without it. So, naturally, a good OST (soundtrack) is plays a big part when I am watching a series or film and GMMTV’s 2gether: The Series has an incredible soundtrack.

Created by one of the BL genre’s most prolific writers, JitiiRain, 2gether debuted on 21 February 2020 and went on to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Win Metawin is Tine, a handsome and chic freshman who wants nothing more than to find true love – with a beautiful girl. So, when Green (Gun Korawit), an adorably misguided young man, starts to shower him with affection, Tine doesn’t know how to shake him. He hires his friends Fong (Khaotung Thanawat), Phuak (Pluem Pongpisal), and Ohm (JJ Chayakorn) to act like gangsters and force them to break up, but Green is a skilled fighter and leaves the boys crying like little babies. He tries to hire a fake girlfriend, but she ends up being the real girlfriend of one of Green’s friends. Then he tries to drug Green with a sleep aid so he can escape their date, but ends up drinking the wrong tea himself. However, just when he thinks he’ll never be able to break free of green He discovers a gifted guitar player name Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit).

Bright and Win as Sarawat and Tine

Sarawat is the university’s “it” boy. Everyone wants to date him, however, he doesn’t seem to notice. Still, Tine is determined to get Sarawat to be his fake boyfriend so Green will finally leave him in peace and he can return his attention to finding the perfect girl. But getting Sarawat to agree to the ruse is not as easy as Tine thinks it should be – even after he joins the music club to get to know him. Sarawat gives him task, after task, after task for him to do before he’ll even consider playing along. Then, when he finally does, Tine discovers it’s because Sarawat has feelings for him.

Little by little Tine falls for Sarawat. Eventually, the pair become a real couple, and Green returns to his boyfriend, Dim (Guy Sivakorn), who is the head of the music club. But Green’s advances prove to be the least of the boys’ problems when they move off campus together, and Tine’s brother Type (Toptap Jirakit) visits them. Tine doesn’t want his brother to find out he’s in a relationship with Sarawat, especially since from the moment they meet Type decides that Sarawat is worthless. Slowly, Type starts to warm up to his brother’s lover, mostly because his friend Man (Mike Chinnarat) start’s thawing the prickly Type’s ice-cold heart.

Mike and Toptap as Man and Type

At the same time, Sarawat’s younger brother Phukong (Frank Thanatsaran) comes to the university and secretly crushes on Mil (Drake Sattabut), who is Sarawat’s sworn enemy.

Drake and Frank as Mill and Phukong

Other notable GMMTV actors are also seen throughout the series including Gunsmile Chanagun as Boss, who’s heartsick for Pear (Love Pattranite) and First Chalongrat, (who would go on to play Fiat in the Me Mind Y series Don’t Say No). Note: Before GMMTV won the option for the series Gulf Kanawut (Type in TharnType) was originally going to play Sarawat. TharnType was also produced by Me Mind Y and both series were written by MAME.

It’s not a stretch to say that 2gether launched the careers of both Metawin and Vachirawit, and because of it the two became global superstars. The success of the series elevated them to being one of GMMTV’s pillar couples for the BL genre. The two went on to reprise their role in a special short series Still 2gether as well as a feature film 2gether: The Movie. The series was so popular the actors even returned for a stage show / concert.

2gether: The Movie

2gether was the second series GMMTV aired based on JittiRain’s novels. The first Theory of Love also made worldwide superstars of its main actors Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan. Since then, GMMTV has also released Fish Upon the Sky and Vice Versa both based on her writing and have also been incredibly successful. The company is also currently filming another series based on her writings, Be My Favorite which will star Gawin Caskey and Krist Perawat.

Bright and Win with JittiRain

On 8 November I interviewed Caskey about his role in the series and on 6 December I will be posting my interview with JittiRain who is every bit as whimsical and sweet as you’d expect her to be. There will be more BrightWin and for sure more JitiiRain so….

Stay Tuned!