Last month, when fans bid goodbye to Aye, Akk, Khan, Thua, and the rest of the amazing cast of GMMTV’s The Eclipse, they could breathe a little easier knowing the series is getting a boxset release.

Directed by Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, this suspenseful romance/drama had an impressive cast, wonderful writing, and. some of my favorite moments in BL history (Neo and Louis’ morning tent kiss). It was very well done, and I am excited to order.

In addition to the uncut version of the series, the boxset is loaded with extras like photo books, postcards, and other goodies making the set worth its $135.00 price tag.

The box set can be purchased through online retailers like eThaicd or GMMTV directly.

With pre-orders open until 4 December, the set will ship in early February 2023

Of course, the “Cut” version of series is always available on GMMTV’s official Youtube.

More BL Products soon! Stay Tuned!