Where to begin with this episode? I LOVED that we got more of Sou’s backstory after he lost his hearing, and I love how his relationship with Momono Nana (Kaho) started.

That said, Nana issues. She’s in love with Sou. Those eyes, that smile, I mean…. Can you blame her?

Cheezin’ for the cameras BTS of the 「JUICY」 music video

She took a broken young man and helped him put the pieces of his life back together. It’s a beautiful depiction of how a simple act of kindness can alter the trajectory of someone’s entire world. But, while Sou viewed her as a friend, somewhere, Momono fell into feels and stumbled onto romance.

Momono and Sou’s first meeting.

I do feel bad for Momono, though, and what’s more, I sympathize. I’ve been in her position. Falling in love with the perfect boy, having him be in love with someone else. Doomed warm benches of the friend zone while that part of the heart remains a mystery.

Yeah, yeah… get a room.

love Momono.

This episode was emotional, and its focus wasn’t on the series’ main couple but mostly on their friends and family. It was interesting. It gave their lives (and the story) much more meat. This series is beautiful.

Also, I am grateful that Minato seems to be working his way back into the good graces of his friends. He’s such a sweet and wonderful man.

Fear not Sou. You’re still #1

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