I like what silent is doing by showing the story from the perspective of multiple characters. This episode was primarily told through the perspective of Minato (Suzuka Ouji), Tsumugi’s current boyfriend and Sou’s former best friend.

Minato and Tsumugi

What I love so far about this story is that he knows he has issues with Sou, but it’s not Tsumugi’s friendship with him. He’s incredibly supportive of her wanting to be around him. His problems lie in the fact that he misses how close he and Sou used to be. He misses his best friend. He wants them to be the friends they used to be.

Minato and Sou

It would have been easy to write Minato’s character as the jealous boyfriend, who everyone is rooting to fail in the end. But that’s not who Minato is. You’re rooting for him – at least I am – and I hope it stays that way. It’s going to break my heart if he becomes a jerk.

Minato and a lady bug

Of course, (and yes, I know I am biased), Ren Meguro is fantastic.

Ren Meguro

Some of my favorite moments involving the series are the behind-the-scenes videos that show him practicing sign language between takes. He takes his craft very seriously.

And this one.

silent episode 4 will air next Friday 28 October.