I am not going to lie; I have been excited ever since I discovered REMEMBER ME, the newest BL drama to star Ja Phachara and First Chalongrat, was going to be set in the late 90s. I knew I would like it. I love the actors, I love the period, and it just sounded like something fun. What I was not prepared for, however, was just how much I would relate to it.

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First, I am old enough to remember MSN, chatrooms, and dial-up internet. I also remember getting penpals from our sister school. I was also a shy little gay boy without the greatest skin…. so It’s been very easy for me to fall behind First’s character of Gun. And while my Golf (played by Ja) was TOTALLY in the closest, the scene where Gun goes to Golf’s school, but is too nervous to say anything, hit me right in the feels.

While I am very interested in seeing how their relationship progresses, I am more interested in the relationship between Name (Title Teshin) and Em (Man Supakrit). I love how positively a person with disabilities has been portrayed and when Name spoke to Em in episode 2 – even though it was only one word, I literally clapped like a gleeful school-girl. I am going to love their story.

There is just something incredibly innocent about this story. At least so far.

Remember Me can be watched via the GagaOOLaLa platform, with new episodes uploaded every Sunday.

More BL reviews, including Remember Me, coming soon…

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