Just over a year ago, I discovered the wonderful world of Thai BL dramas. While I will always love my first (He’s Coming To Me), my second drama, Dark Blue Kiss, solidified my love of the genre. I was captivated by Pete (Tay Tawan) and his incredible smile, I loved the innocence of Kao (New Thitipoom), and the effervescent goodness of Sun (Pod Suphakorn) was just adorable, and Mork (Fluke Gawin) is just about the most talented person on the planet. 

Kao (Thitipoom) and Pete (Tawan)

Dark Blue Kiss is the third installment of the Kiss Franchise from GMMTV. That started with Kiss: The Series (2016) and Kiss Me Again (2018) – both of which were hetero-dramas, though Pete and Kai did start their secret relationship in Kiss Me Again.

The image that got me to click on Dark Blue Kiss

Continuing the story of Pete and Kao’s relationship, the couple is now in college, but while Pete is out, Kao just hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Regardless of how in love with Pete he is (and he is), he’s just not ready. The two come from different worlds. Pete’s family is wealthy, and he’s working on becoming an idol while Kao works as a tutor to make extra money to help his mother. 

Because of his tutoring, he meets Non (AJ Chayapol), an evil little teenager who continues to lust after Kao, regardless of how many times Kao tells him he’s not interested. Not only does he antagonize Pete and strain the couple’s relationship, but he also physically assaults Kao, resulting in him being outed in the worst possible way. (Note: I absolutely LOVE AJ Chayapol – but Non is THE WORST). 

Pete (Tawan) is less than happy that Kao (Titipoom) is teaching Non (Chayapol)

At the same time, Sun is in love with Mork, his brother Rain’s (Pluem Pongpisal) best friend, but Mork doesn’t want to admit that he has the same feelings for Sun. He’s also a bit of a punk and keeps causing problem after problem for Sun because of his anger management issues. Issues that result in Sun’s cafe being destroyed by a group of thugs Mork had pissed off on a trip with Sun. Even still, Sun’s feelings for Mork never fluctuate.

Mork (Gawin) and Sun (Suphakorn)

Both couples get their happy endings, and the end of the series features cameo appearances by Tri Nimtawat (Neo) and Phuwin Tangsakyuen as their characters Gord and Morn from another GMMTV BL Series ‘Cause You’re My Boy. They would play brothers in the series Fish Upon the Sky.

Mork (Caskey) and Sun (Suphakorn)share a midnight kiss

While I initially started the series because of Tay Tawan, it was Fluke Gawin that really took my heart. Not only is he an outstanding actor, but he’s got a beautiful voice, and a surefire way to turn my heart to goo is to play the guitar, which he does very well.

So… Yeah, there you have it. My love for Dark Blue Kiss is because of the music (the opening to the series is the best out of any other series I’ve ever seen – still to this day). 

If you don’t believe me, here’s GMMTV’s official link to the first part of episode 1.

More from the cast of Dark Blue Kiss, including Gawin…

Stay tuned!