Hello my BL Lovers,

It was revealed in what was supposed to be the finale episode of AIS Play’s Oh! My Sunshine Night that the series would extend from 16 episodes to 20.

Why? No one knows. 

The series, which is (supposed to be) led by Ohm Thitiwat (as Kim) and Fluke Natouch (as Sun), is one of the most bizarre and confusing BL adventures I have ever walked myself into. But like Alice, when she tumbled down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, I just can’t seem to find my way out. 

To start, as mentioned, the series was set up to be led by OhmFluke, who won hearts the world over with their portrayal of Dean and Pharm in the 2019 reincarnation drama Until We Meet Again; however, the two seem to have become the side couple in their own story. Instead, the series appears to be led by Noh Phouluang and Peterpan Thasapon, who play Rain (Kim’s brother) and Phayu (the son of their butler). 

The two have the best relationship storyline in the series, even though Rain has been “missing” for the last several episodes.
Also, the villain of this series is totally incompetent, and her henchmen, who have literally been within walking distance of a MASSIVE RESORT, have not been able to find it for three months. It’s just sad.

Anyway, here is another RainPhayu gif…

So, welcome to the madness. Stay Tuned.