From falling onto a can of roll-on deodorant in the shower to a mysterious figure running in the shadows of the stables…. it was a week for the strange and bizarre in the world of the BL drama.

So, without further ado.


The Outlandishness continues as Kim, floating on a dock in the middle of a pond, plays his cello like he doesn’t have a care in the world (never mind that he’s literally lost his entire family and now his memory is going). 

Phayu, as his chosen protector, might be the cutest boy in the series, but he is literally the most incompetent bodyguard EVER! He literally ignores Kim when he comes in and says, “Yo, bruh, I saw someone in our stables! Let’s check it out!” 

“No, my dude,” he replied. “This place doesn’t show up on any map. We good.” Which explains why the Devil Woman’s henchmen, who have literally been within walking distance of the MASSIVE complex, haven’t been able to find it for THREE MONTHS.

Also, Kim has forgotten all about Sun and the tender tender moments they’ve shared together (that probably total about 90 minutes) – one being where Kim bit into a shellfish, which he knew he was allergic to and did it anyway because…. He’s a big strong man and has to prove it by eating the little fish that could kill him. 

This show is pure ridiculous fluff. I LOVE the cast, but it’s so strangely written. I can’t look away, though.

AI LONG NHAI – Episode 3 – iQIYI

Fun and fluffy, I’m still not 100% about how I feel about this spin-off from a GMMTV series that has no connection to the original other than the character names. However, I like it. It’s not art, but it’s fun. 

LOVE IN THE AIR – Episode 9 – iQIYI

I thought it was strange that MAME didn’t give Rain didn’t have some awful past trauma that made him incapable of love (the way she seems to do to all of her main bottom boys – I’m talking to you, Type and Fiat). Then Sky comes in, the sweetest, most innocent of all MAME’s bottoms, and what’s lingering in the shadows of his closet? He was gang r*p3d – which has left him traumatized and with understandable relationship issues. 

Prapai, while totally suave and incredibly sexy, is one GIANT walking RED FLAG. Yes, it was nice of him to keep his promise to Rain to be a decent human and NOT take advance of Sky while he was literally delirious with sickness – though he did consider it. Other red flag behaviors: Stalking Sky – including showing up at his home, changing his sim card so he wouldn’t be blocked, and NOT taking no for an answer. 

However, again he’s sexy, so we, as viewers, forgive and forget all the red flags, and instead, we get the warm and fuzzies. 

I love this series, though.


This drama ended exactly as I wanted it to. It was a sweet, simple, and incredibly relatable slice-of-life piece that, while it id didn’t take itself too seriously, was not overly silly either. It was a well-done story, with great actors and a super-catchy soundtrack. I hope this gets a second season or a special episode or film. 

The Eclipse – Episode 10 – GMMTV OFFICIAL YOUTUBE

I like the direction this series is taking. But, what It’s really lead me to believe is that GMMTV really needs to let NEO and LOUIS lead their own series. They are two of the most adorable (and talented) actors signed to the company, and their chemistry is off the charts.

BIG DRAGON – Episode 2 – iQIYI

While I had my suspicions in the first episode, episode two shows that Big Dragon is, in fact, a comedy. This sexy Thai drama is outlandish and outrageous, and absolutely ridiculous. The Bodyguards are cute and adorably incompetent – unlike Phayu in Oh! My Sunshine Night, who’s hot but just plain and ordinarily incompetent. If it keeps up with the silly, I think it will be a great series. 

New Series


This hilarious comedy series about a manga artist Nekoyashiki Mamoru (Matsuoka Koudai) who wants to be famous and the idol Kazama Issei (Nakao Masaki) who is clearly in love with him is very VERY funny. A creator of bara manga (created primarily by gay men for a gay male audience) Neoko is a adorably awkward and totally obsessed with his high-school friend Issei (though he’d never tell him that). Issei is adorably clueless.

Country: Japan

Episodes: 8

Air dates: Oct 3, 2022 – Present

Aired On: Mondays

Original Network: VIKI international audiences.

Duration: 23 min.