Before Stray Kids and BTS, before Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, before Travis Japan and Snowman, my Rainbow Brite heart belonged to 80s teen dream music queen Tiffany. 

Her 1987 mega-hit “I Think We’re Alone Now” was the first 45 my parents ever bought for me. She was my introduction to pop music, and I played it so much that to this day, the song has been permanently banned from both of their houses. Even my own cover of the song (which was a favorite of the queer press) is on the no-play list.

While I love her gumdrop songs of the 80s, it’s her mature pop-rock albums that stick out to me. 

Her newest single, “I Like The Rain” from her eleventh studio album Shadows, is a pop-rock anthem that will appeal not only to the fans (like myself) who have followed her for her entire career but to new fans who are just discovering her as the true rock goddess she is as well.

In an interview with flood magazine, Tiffany said the single “is about owning your own dysfunction and the people who benefit from it.” Shadows as a whole will be an “examination of our inner selves.”

Pre-order the album here and there will for sure be more from Tiffany, so…

Stay tuned.